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Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas – Having a theme really allows you to set the stage for a great party. Each of the themes below allow you to be creative with food, decorations, music, and entertainment.

Here’s a list of the most popular theme ideas:

Casino Party Theme

casino night party atlantaThe Casino Night Party is one of the most popular themes, because it encourages interaction between your guests.

Here’s what happens at a typical casino theme party.  Guests arrive, and receive a certain amount of play money, say $10,000.  Next, they exchange the play money for chips at any of the gaming tables, and proceed to start gambling.

After a few hours, the gaming ends and all the participants turn in their unused play money and chips for raffle tickets. Prizes are raffled and your guests have had a great time.

This theme allows you to be creative with entertainment, food, decorations and food.

Country Western Party Themecountry western theme party

Time to get out your cowboy hat, chaps, spurs and get ready for a boot-scootin’ good time. Your guests can dress up as cowboys, cowgirls, ranch hands and even rodeo riders.

The Country Western theme is an easy one to decorate, with bales of hay, fake corals and cowboy cut-outs.

The music of course is country, either classic or current. You can have a live band or choose to hire a DJ.

Hollywood Stars Theme

In this theme, guests are invited to dress up as their favorite Hollywood actor or actress.

Decorations can include festive gold and silver balloons in the shape of stars and centerpieces full of glitter.

For music, you can play theme songs from popular movies and TV shows.

Here are more Christmas party ideas for your event:

1920’s Speakeasy Theme

Mardi Gras Theme

Caribbean Theme

Riverboat Gambler Theme

Disco Party Theme

Camelot Party Theme

Sci-Fi Party Theme

James Bond Theme

Arabian Nights Theme

Casablanca Party Theme

When you’ve decided on a theme for your Christmas party it’s time to get busy. Invitations, food, party favors, decorations, costumes and entertainment should all fit the theme chosen.